What we do

Newcomers learning about education in Ontario
Newcomers learning about education in Ontario

Founded in 1996, People for Education is an independent charitable organization that conducts research, makes policy recommendations, and facilitates an extensive communications strategy to support public dialogue about public education.

We are working to build connections between a strong public education system and a fair and prosperous society.


People for Education:

  • conducts independent research, including the Measuring What Matters initiative and our annual survey of Ontario schools. Results from the survey and complementary research provide evidence for subject-specific reports and our annual report on publicly funded schools.
  • hosts an annual conference. Every November we bring together parents, trustees, experts, educators and community members to learn, make connections, participate in hands-on training sessions and hear about the latest and best education research.
  • provides speakers and workshops. People for Education’s popular speakers travel across Ontario and across the country making keynote speeches at conferences about education issues.
  • works with policy-makers. People for Education sits at a number of government policy tables, participates in consultations on education policy and makes policy recommendations in the Annual Report on Ontario’s Publicly Funded Schools.
  • works with the media. At People for Education we believe that public education should matter to everyone. We encourage ongoing public dialogue about education issues by working with the media to publicize education stories and research.


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