Investing in public education (Rozanski Report)

pdf Published 2002

Ontario Education Equality Task Force, 2002.

This comprehensive review of Ontario’s education funding formula made recommendations to improve the adequacy and structure of education funding.  Unfortunately, changes have been limited.

The Task Force was asked to take into account the principles of fairness, equity, responsiveness to learners’ needs and accountability, to promote stability in the school system, and take “the fiscal situation” and the ultimately made 33 recommendations to fulfill its mandate to report on:

  1. the effectiveness of the model for distributing funding between different
    types of boards (for example, between urban and rural boards, between
    small and large boards)
  2. the structure of cost benchmarks (for example, does per-pupil funding reflect
    appropriate per-pupil costs?)
  3.  the degree of local expenditure flexibility school boards should have in
    approaches to addressing school renewal (for example, maintenance,
    repairs, renovations)
  4. whether the current approach to funding special education is the most
    responsive way to meet students’ needs
  5. the approach to funding student transportation, including ways to maximize
    opportunities for shared busing services between school boards that serve
    the same communities.