Indian control of Indian education

pdf Published 1972

National Indian Brotherhood/ Assembly of First Nations, 1972.

After the federal government produced a famous white paper calling for assimilation of the First Nations of Canada, there was widespread political organizing by first nations across Canada.  One of the main issues was education, seen as key to both individual success and cultural survival.

The Report, ‘Indian Control of Indian Education’ was critical document, setting out key demands for the education system.  It is still an important part of organizing.  In the summary,

Indian parents must have FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND CONTROL OF EDUCATION. The Federal Government must
adjust its policy and practices to make possible the full participation and partnership of Indian people in all decisions and activities connected with the education of Indian children. This requires determined and enlightened action on the part of the Federal Government and immediate reform, especially in the following areas of concern: responsibility, programs, teachers, facilities.