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Our dynamic and engaging speakers can address a wide variety of school-related topics, and sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.

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Our speakers can travel to your location or join you online in a webinar. Speaker fees include preparation and presentation time and materials for participants. For more information, please contact Laurie Matheson at [email protected].

Here are just a few of the topics we can address:

Welcome to School: This workshop is for parents whose children are starting kindergarten, providing an overview of Ontario’s education system and tips for parents to help their children succeed in school.

Parent Involvement in Education:  Learn how parents can be involved in their children’s education, what kind of parent involvement makes a difference, and what the research says about the effects of parent involvement on student success and community building.

EQAO Testing: Learn more about the provincial tests that take place in grades 3,6, 9 and 10:  why the testing is done, what material students are tested on, how the results are used, and how to help students prepare.

Advocating for Your Child, Your School, Your Community: Sometimes, parents may encounter situations where they must act for their child’s or their school’s interests. Learn more about effective strategies and tips when advocating for change.

How School Councils Can Make a Difference: Explore the role of school councils and strategies to increase parent participation and enhance the impact your school council has on your community.

Healthy Schools, Healthy Students: Student health is a growing concern for parents and schools.  Learn more about Ontario’s healthy school policies, why schools are a great place to focus on health, and what parents can do at home and at school to  ensure their kids develop a positive approach to healthy eating and physical activity.

Public Education in Ontario: Learn about the public education system in Ontario, from education funding to the roles of the Ministry of Education, the Ontario College of Teachers, the Education Quality and Accountability Office, local school boards, and school staff.

Homework Help: This workshop looks at the purpose of homework and its value as an assessment tool for parents and teachers.  It will provide tips on how to provide homework support and what to do if your child is struggling with homework.

Coping With Transitions:  Starting at a new school can be stressful: students may be worried about making friends, finding their way around, or coping with a new routine.  Parents may be concerned about safety issues and their child’s increasing independence.  This workshop provides tips to help ease the transition from one school to another.

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  • Parenting Workshops

    We had Dr. Karyn Gordon come and speak to our community. Good speakers can be very expensive. We collaborated with 6 other schools in the area and used our $500 parent engagement money from the Ministry. The problem with doing it alone as a school is that we don't normally get a good turnout of parents. This is why we collaborated with the other schools. We now have a network of schools in our community that we connect with every year. We meet pretty regularly. View the full discussion.

  • School council training

    I have attached a Powerpoint presentation I do for all school council chairs in our Board on how to run effective meetings. Of course the real life Questions and Answers are the real meat - there is usually a healthy sharing of concerns and potential solutions, we also have the Principal sit in so everyone is working on the same assumptions. View the full discussion.