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Making Connections 2016 NOVEMBER 12, 2016

Registration will open in late August.

Making Connections 2015

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our 2015 Making Connections Conference, including our phenomenal speakers, volunteers, attendees, and those following along online. We had a great day, and hope you did too!

Click here to listen to a ten-minute podcast, Voices and Ideas from P4E Conference Participants, produced by Julia Pagel.

Click here to enjoy some of the highlights from our podcast and twitter. Videos, photos, notes, presentations are posted below, with more coming soon!

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Photography by Caley Taylor Photography



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Keynote: Dr. Alan Sears

Beyond Rocket Science: Educating Citizens for a Complex World

Click here for video, notes and more.


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Panel: Connecting the Dots

How can public education change the world?

Click here for video, notes and more.


Plenary and Breakout Sessions

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