Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I find out what high school courses to take to get into a specific career?

To find out what courses are needed for a specific career, start in the school guidance office. The guidance counselor will have information on career paths and course requirements. There are also several websites that have information about courses required for various careers:

My Blueprint Education Planner:   You have to register for this site.  You can get the activation key from the guidance counsellor.  It will provide just about everything you need to know – from what courses to take, what colleges/universities offer the program you are looking for, and more.  Many schools are now using this program for course selection in high schools too.  Definitely worth checking out.

Ontario Colleges:   For students considering a college education, this site provides information about all of Ontario’s 28 colleges and the programs they offer.  Students can apply to programs and accept offers of admission as well.

Ontario Universities:  For students thinking about a university education, this site provides information about all of Ontario’s universities, including programs available, course prerequisites and grade requirements, along with scholarship and residence information.

Apprenticeships and Skilled Trades:  For students interested in pursuing a career in the skilled trades, the Ministry of Education provides information about apprenticeship programs on this site.