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Q: What do students learn in health and physical education (H&PE)?

Students are required to take health and physical education (H&PE) every year from kindergarten through grade 8, and they have to have at least one H&PE credit to graduate from high school.

The H&PE curriculum for elementary students includes:

  • Fundamental movement skills, which include locomotion/travelling, manipulation and stability
  • Healthy living, which includes healthy eating, growth and development, sexual health, personal safety and injury prevention, and substance use and abuse
  • Active participation, which includes physical activity, physical fitness, living skills and safety

The grade 9 and 10 H&PE courses are made up of four strands: physical activity, active living, healthy living and living skills. The program builds on the skills from the elementary curriculum, with a greater emphasis on the living-skills component to help address the unique physical and emotional challenges that adolescents face.

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