Frequently asked questions

Q: What does SEAC mean?

By law (Reg. 464/97), each Ontario board of education must have a SEAC (Special Education Advisory Committee) composed of some school trustees and representatives from community advocacy groups (often parents) that represent exceptional children. This committee advises the trustees and school board administration about special education programs and services.

The SEAC can make recommendations to the board with respect to any matter affecting the establishment, development and delivery of special education programs and services to exceptional pupils of the board.

The SEAC can participate in the board’s annual review of its special education plan and in the board’s annual budget process as it relates to special education, as well as review financial statements of the board as they relate to special education.

The SEAC can also provide information to parents, as requested. The meetings are open to the public.

Comprehensive information is available at the Ontario Ministry of Education’s SEAC Learning website: