Aboriginal education

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Both the federal and provincial governments have some responsibility for the education of Aboriginal students. Students who attend school on reserves are part of the federally-funded education system, while those students attending school off-reserve attend provincially funded schools. In this section, you can find more information about Aboriginal education in Ontario.

  • Strong Aboriginal education vital for all students

    The vast majority of Aboriginal students (82%) attend provincially funded schools in Ontario boards and education authorities, and changes are urgently required to address significant gaps in Aboriginal education for all students.

  • New Minister of Education announced

    People for Education welcomes Ontario's new Minister of Education.

  • Reform coming for First Nation students

    A national panel on Aboriginal education has released a report and recommendations that include developing a new First Nation education system to provide support and resources for First Nation schools and First Nation students.

  • Aboriginal education on federal agenda

    Aboriginal students receive $2,000 to $3,000 less in education funding per student/per year than off-reserve students across the country, and that gap continues to grow. An upcoming meeting in Ottawa may signal some hope for change.