Newcomer information

What does the research say?

Many immigrants come to Canada with the hope for a better life for their children. In this section, you will find information, tips, and resources to help newcomers develop a better understanding of the education system and how they can help their children succeed.

  • 2015

    Regional differences in the educational outcomes of young immigrants

    This report from Statistics Canada examines regional differences in immigrant students’ math and reading skills, based on data from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). .

  • 2012

    Support for newcomer students, 2012

    This is a chapter from the Annual Report on Ontario’s Publicly Funded Schools 2012, and includes research and analysis regarding the support for newcomer students in schools. Every year, People.

  • 2011

    Support for newcomers in Ontario schools, 2011

    People for Education, 2011. This chapter from the Annual Report on Ontario’s Publicly Funded Schools 2011, includes research and analysis regarding supports for English-language learners, actualisation linguistique en francais, and.

  • 2009

    Parent Inclusion Manual

    People for Education, 2009. This manual contains information, tips, and ideas that have come from parents, community agencies and educators across the province.

  • 2009

    Ontario’s urban & suburban schools: a prescription for change

    People for Education, 2009. The recommendations in this report are based on a discussion paper developed by People for Education in 2008.

  • 2008

    Ontario’s urban & suburban schools

    People for Education, 2008. This discussion paper examines the unique aspects of schools and communities in Ontario municipalities with populations of over 200,000.

  • 2008

    Language Support for Newcomers, 2008

    This is a chapter from People for Education’s Annual Report 2008, talking about language support for newcomers. .