Indigenous Education

Indigenous Education for All

“We are governed in our approach to reconciliation with this thought: the way that we have all been educated in this country – Aboriginal children in residential schools and Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in public and other schools – has brought us to where we are today—to a point where the psychological and emotional well-being of Aboriginal children has been harmed, and the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people has been seriously damaged. …in broad terms, education has brought us to the current state of poor relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in this country, but education holds the key to making things better…if we agree on the objective of reconciliation, and agree to work together, the work we do today, will immeasurably strengthen the social fabric of Canada tomorrow.”
                                                                 The Honourable Justice Murray Sinclair

Indigenous education is not just for indigenous students.  All of Ontario’s students should know about the long and complex history of the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in Canada, and all students should have a deep understanding of historical and contemporary First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture, perspectives and experiences.


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