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  • Newsletter P4E – April 2009

    In this issue: The budget – And the school council survey says – The online community – The definition of success – Advocating for the arts – Telling Tales Out

  • Newsletter P4E – Jan 2009

    In this issue: Redefining school boards – New recommendations for urban and suburban schools – “Great conference” say attendees – Elementary teachers – Provincial funding woes – Do marks matter?

  • Newsletter P4E – Nov 2008

    In this issue: What is ‘character education’? – Parent Involvement: What works? – Are some special ed students shortchanged? – Taking charge of Canada’s future – $61 million in cuts

  • Newsletter P4E – Sept 2008

    In this issue: What is a PIC? – Phys ed: getting active in Ontario schools – School Plus:  transforming Saskatchewan schools – School Councils:  getting parents out to meetings –

  • Newsletter P4E – May 2008

    In this issue: Schools at the centre – Outdoor education centres – Declining enrolment report – Homework help – Our November conference – Interactive and alive…our website – Annual report

  • Newsletter P4E – March 2008

    In this issue: School Closings – Who struggles in school? – Money for school libraries – Our website – The right math course – Community use of schools – New

  • Newsletter P4E – Jan 2008

    In this issue: Homework hell – The new Safe Schools Act – People for Education travels north – School closings -Our conference – Our students shine! – Effective school council

  • Newsletter P4E – Nov 2007

    In this issue: Balanced day – what is it and how does it work? – Ontario’s provincial election is over – what next? – Ontarians would pay more taxes for

  • Newsletter P4E – Sept 2007

    In this issue: Fees for field trips and school supplies – New policy for English as a second language (ESL) from the Ministry of Education – Ontario’s provincial election –