Healthy Schools

A healthy school environment helps children learn and contributes to life-long patterns of fitness and good health. Schools have a key role to play as young people spend the majority of their time in school.

Here are some key organizations and resources supporting healthy schools:

Children's Mental Health Ontario

CMHO champions the right of every child and youth in Ontario to mental health and well-being. CMHO represents and supports the providers of child and youth mental health treatment services throughout Ontario.

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Public Health Units

A Public Health Unit is an official health agency established by a group of urban and rural municipalities to provide a more efficient community health program, carried out by full-time, specially qualified staff. There are 36 public health…

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Ontario Healthy Schools Coalition

Promoting physical, mental, social and spiritual health, this Ontario-wide, broad-based coalition works to promote healthy schools so students can achieve academic success.  Members include public health units, school boards and more.

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Ophea is led by the vision that all kids value, participate in and make a lifelong commitment to healthy active living. Interested in how you can improve health and learning within a healthy school and community - is for you!

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Check out these resources
  • 12 fun activities to get your family moving

    It's time to get creative and find fun new ways to play! Give your kids the gift of a healthy life with fun, run-around games everyone will love.

  • 7 tips for raising active, healthy kids

    Get your little ones off the couch and into physical activity with these expert tips on raising active, healthy children.

  • Creating healthy schools and kids!

    In this webinar, we'll show you how to make your school a healthy school! Parents, teachers & principals - learn how to make your school healthier using our free toolkit and find out why schools are an ideal place to focus on improving kids’ health.

  • Ready, Set, Go! A toolkit for creating healthy schools

    Step by step, this toolkit will guide you as you work to create a healthier school. Ready: Use the multiple choice questionnaire to assess your school; Set: share the results; and Go: make a plan! Funded by Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Spark Advocacy Grants.

  • Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health

    Check out this new resource from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Parent Engagement: Strategies for Involving Parents in School Health.

  • Take on the Healthy Kids Quest with your school!

    This free resource package for teachers encourages students to make healthy lifestyle choices. The Healthy Kids Quest includes fun lesson plans that are suited to curricula across all of Canada’s provinces and territories. The Healthy Kids Quest and meets cross-curricular requirements for grades one to three.

  • The next steps for a healthy school

    Want to make your school a healthy school? Not sure where to start? This video will guide students, parents and staff in ways to continue making their school a healthy school with a positive learning environment.

  • Why healthy schools matter

    This great video animation shows why we need healthy, active schools, in just 2 minutes! Kids have become very inactive over the last two decades, and it affects their physical health, mental health and even their academic performance.

  • Your 15 minute guide to new healthy food policy

    Watch and listen to this 15 minute webinar: Public Health Nutritionist Lucy Valleau explains how the new food and beverage policy for schools works and shares some great tips! This is what you need to know to implement the new food guidelines at your school.

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