Happy 100th Birthday to the Ontario Federation of Home and School Associations

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March 07, 2016

People for Education would like to extend our congratulations to the Ontario Federation of Home and School Association (OFHSA) as it celebrates its centennial year.

The following article was written by Lee Gowers from the OFHSA’s Centennial Workgroup…

In February 1916, Mrs. Ada Courtice, convenor of the Educational Committee of the Toronto branch of the Local Council of Women, organized a public meeting and  introduced a motion to form the Toronto Council of Home and School Associations.  Having visited the headquarters of the PTA in Boston in 1912, she resolved to set up a similar organization upon her return to Toronto, with the ultimate goal of establishing a club in every school and linking the separate units.

Ada Courtice had a vision of the OFHSA as a non-sexist, non-elitist  “grassroots organization of men and women interested in improving childhood and childhood education”. She saw “the Home and School as a movement intended to educate parents for the betterment of children, of education and, ultimately, for Canadian society as a whole.

At the first Annual Meeting of OFHSA, held in 1920, Mr. S. B. McCready, an instructor at the Ontario Agricultural College was elected the first president.

In its early years, H&S was seen as reformist and innovative, and affected many positive changes in education.

As OFHSA grew, the attention of its members turned to non-educational issues: health, world issues, environmental causes, and societal concerns. OFHSA still actively advocates for its policies in these areas, as its mandate is to improve the lives of children at home, at school, and in the community.

This year H&S members are celebrating 100 years of striving to obtain “The Best for Each Student”.

For more information about OFHSA visit:  www.ofhsa.on.ca
Learn about our history at:  www.OFHSA100.wix.com/100years
Contact the OFHSA Centennial Workgroup at: [email protected]