Annual report on schools 2013

Every year for the past 17 years, principals from across Ontario have filled out our annual school surveys to tell us about how things are going at their schools. Their work makes this report possible.

Mind the gap: Inequality in Ontario’s schools

On Monday May 27, People for Education released our Annual report on Ontario’s publicly-funded schools. The report is an audit of the education system – a way of keeping track of the impact of policy choices in the 5000 schools across the province.  It recognizes the challenge for a public education system is to serve all of its students and to serve them well.

Over 1,100 elementary and secondary principals responded to our study.  The vast majority were proud of their schools’ resources and accomplishments, and many raised concerns – about triage in meeting the needs of special education students, the challenges in supporting the development of healthy children, and about the importance of offering equitable opportunities – from high school math to arts – for all children.

Read the report.    Read the press release.

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Read about it in the news: The Toronto Star ran back-to-back stories on special education; the Globe and Mail covered fees and fundraising and see coverage in the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post.

Or listen to an interview with Annie Kidder on CBC radio.

This annual report is unique in Canada. This year it includes recommendations to help Ontario do all it can to overcome gaps in school resources and opportunities.