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Ontario kids have a new report card and their marks aren’t good.

Active Healthy Kids Canada gave Ontario’s children and youth a D- for Physical Activity and a D for Active Play. So it’s definitely time to get serious about health – for our kids and our schools. And it’s not that hard to make a difference.

To help you make healthy changes at your school, we’ve released a new toolkit – a step by step guide to creating a healthier school.

Ready…    >> Read/print the Toolkit for Healthy Schools. Email or share it with those keen on health at your school. (School council, principal, health and phys. ed teacher…)

Set…  Take a few minutes assess your school, using the questions in the toolkit.

Go!  Share the results. Then make a plan.

It’s easy to share this toolkit by email! Just paste a link to this web page into your message:

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 >> Ready, Set, Go! Toolkit for Healthy Schools

This project was made possible through funding from the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Spark Advocacy Grants.

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Our guide to parent inclusion

There is growing recognition of the valuable contribution that parents make to their children’s education. Whether it is called ‘inclusion’, ‘involvement’, or ‘engagement’, what helps parents feel connected to their schools?  We’ve found that giving parents the information and the support they need makes a difference!

Read our research, hot tips and cool ideas in this Parent Inclusion Manual.

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  • Programs to promote tolerance

    ...I have now organized several events at our school to get children and parents, teachers, volunteers, etc., involved in a more “tolerant” behaviour toward children that speak different languages. So we created a program of reading before bedtime once per month in different languages.  View the full discussion.

  • Athletics in our schools

    ...The parents would like to see some changes and more clear guidelines on what teams are for what ages, when try-outs are, when practices are... when I put this on the agenda for our CSAC meeting the teachers became very angry and defensive and told us that we have no right or jurisdiction over athletics end of discussion. Anyone have any experience or advice in this area? View the full discussion.